The Connacht-Ulster Alliance (CUA) was established by the three Institutes of Technology of Galway, Letterkenny and Sligo in July 2012, through the signing of a formal MoU. This was approved by each Governing Body with the support of each Academic Council. A set of ‘Guiding Principles’ was also agreed between the three Presidents that provides a framework for engagement.

The CUA made a Stage 1 submission in March 2015 for re-designation as a Technological University (TU) and received the approval of the Minister for Education and Skills in October 2015 to proceed to Stage 2 of the process.

The CUA colleges have made considerable progress over the last number of years in their efforts to be re-designated as a TU. Following significant progress by project working groups and subgroups, the process of compiling the first draft of the application for re-designation has begun. The CUA plan to make an application for designation before 2021.

The following graphic provides a summary of key performance indicators for the CUA for 2019/2020.