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Connacht-Ulster Alliance Submits Expression of Interest for Re-designation as a Technological University


Date Article Written: Wednesday, March 04, 2015


The Connacht-Ulster Alliance (CUA) today submitted a formal Expression of Interest to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) for re-designation as a Technological University. This is the first of four stages in a process leading to the establishment of a Technological University for the West/North-West region of Ireland.


This Expression of Interest signals the ambition of the CUA, comprising Galway-Mayo IT, Letterkenny IT and IT Sligo, to become a Technological University in order to better serve the needs of the region.


“The Technological University for the West/North-West will have a focus on building a vibrant and sustainable economic, social and cultural multi-campus environment which will generate and retain graduate talent capable of growing the economic base in the region,” said the Presidents of the Connacht-Ulster Alliance Steering Group.


The CUA partners believe that the proposed TU, will stimulate economic growth across the geographically dispersed region by (i) offering a greater choice of Higher Education programmes, (ii) providing flexible delivery of education and (iii) growing local enterprises and communities through collaborative research, development and innovation activities. The proposed TU will foster business networks and developmental clusters, and will enhance the ability of the region to attract inward investment.


A technological university in the region, focused on enterprise and innovation, will have a positive impact on the attractiveness of the region as a location for new and existing companies to innovate and grow. Companies requiring highly skilled innovative workers typically locate close to a university, particularly one which has active links with industry.


The three Presidents of the Alliance partners believe that they can achieve TU re-designation by collaborating and working together. The Expression of Interest document sets out the high level vision for the TU and maps the achievements of the three CUA institutes.


Click on the link to download the CUA Expression of Interest